Environmental Education & Capacity Building


Education and capacity building are central to the LTV mission. We provide quarterly trainings on sea turtle biology and conservation best practices to ensure the volunteers have all the necessary tools to be successful. We have also surveyed the camp volunteers on their level of environmental conscientiousness, awareness of sea turtle conservation and their opinions on the management and operations of the camp.  We constantly use adaptive management to improve our work. 


Educating the community is also a priority. Since La Tortuga Viva was found by members of the local community, we want to continue engaging local residents, especially children, in sea turtle conservation.

We organize talks and workshops in the local schools about sea turtle biology and the marine ecosystem.


When timing allows, we bring local kids to the sanctuary to show them what it's like to work in science and conservation. We believe exposing people at a young age to the world of conservation and natural sciences can help them better connect to their environment and see the importnace of developing a more sustainable world.