Sustainable Tourism


Through our partner, Playa Viva hotel, we engage international and domestic visitors in our conservation efforts. Sea turtle hatchlings are brought in the early morning to the hotel, which are then released with guests, led by the Turtle Sanctuary Coordinator. Tours of the turtle sanctuary are also offered to hotel guests and visitors.

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We're also beginning an effort to bring in more revenue for the organization by organizing hotel guests and other visitors to participate in the nightly patrol. During this excursion, you get to see what the work of a turtle volunteer is like! Hop on the back of an ATV and safely collect and transplant nests in our hatchery. This is best during the peak laying season July-October (when the hotel is unfortunately closed). However, there are still great opportunities to see nesting momma turtles from October through January. 

The hatchling releases and sanctuary tours provides us with an opportunity to talk about the important work we do, the challenges we face, and the opportunities for further collaboration. We educate these visitors about sea turtle biology, the challenges they face to survive, and discuss how they as visitors can support our work.