Our mission at La Tortuga Viva ("The Living Turtle", LTV) is to preserve and protect three IUCN Red Listed vulnerable and endangered sea turtle species (Olive Ridley, Leatherback and Green Turtle) and educate local community members about the importance of sea turtles and the marine ecosystem of which they are a part. 

LTV directly impacts 14 families through family members’ participation as volunteers at the turtle sanctuary. We are invested in capacity-building of the volunteers and perform community outreach and support local education.


Conservation of Sea Turtles

Volunteers run beach patrols every night, 365 days a year, to collect vulnerable nests and transfer them to our sanctuary to ensure that eggs laid by mother turtles on our beach result in healthy hatchlings returned to the ocean.


environmental education

Education is central to our mission. Through our partnership with Playa Viva, we engage sanctuary volunteers, the local schools and hotel guests in marine ecosystem education.




Through our partnership with Playa Viva hotel, we are able to pull in financial resources fro basic operations of camp. We engage hotel guests in turtle releases and turtle patrols as an additional way to bring in funds to the organization.